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Working closely with you as a brand owner, we promote your successful end results, brand integrity and maximum profitability.

How do we make it happen?

We do it with our industry insights and proven track record across multiple pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and nutrition segments. We implement a proactive approach to product development, help you identify gaps in your portfolio and then, work with you to develop relevant products to fill those gaps. It all translates to your success.

We have come across lots of cases that brand owners have the idea, sometimes preliminary formula, but they cannot find a company or co-packer who can finalize the formula or manufacture the product. No matter what your requirements are, regardless of small or large orders, we will get it done.

Dazmed Pharmaceuticals continues to be a dominant force in the development and custom contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and other dietary supplements. Since its inception in 2011 as a pharmaceuticals manufacturer, Dazmed has invested in state of the art equipment which is supported by a team of trained staff members insuring efficiencies are maintained during the production process. The company has adapted to the ever changing research studies, government regulations and to our customers need for the development and introduction of cutting edge products to the marketplace.

Dazmed is committed to total customer satisfaction through: • Providing superior products and services
• Manufacturing in accordance with applicable regulations, requirements, specifications, and procedures.
• Maintaining an effective quality system through continual improvement of materials, processes, training and products.

Dazmed understands the importance of just-in-time inventory systems and how delivering products on time can make the difference for our customers. The company has streamlined its processes to accommodate the needs of our customers while maintaining scrupulous quality control procedures and standards to ensure quality is never compromised.

We welcome our customers to visit our facility so they too can appreciate the level of training and commitment that goes into every step of our production process.



Need assistance taking your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or functional product from concept to a finished product and then into production? Look no further. We have formulators, scientists and packaging designers and development experts as well as pharmaceutical production teams ready to create and produce your new brand.

Dazmed Pharmaceuticals offer a wide range of product development and optimization services to our partners. Our streamlined pathway to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical dosage form development includes Quality by Design (QbD) approach. We provide all the necessary resources to develop high quality product from formulation development to commercial production. Each formulation is unique and at Dazmed, formulation projects start with a strategic formulation plan thorough analysis of the pre-formulation data report and intended manufacturing critical process. Dazmed also can pursue an ANDA/NDA project from its inception through development and approval to launch stage.


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Pre-formulation is a stage of development during which the physicochemical properties of drug substance are characterized. Dazmed Pharmaceuticals offers a complete range of pre-formulation services to design to meet each client's requirements.

Pre-formulation services include:

● Solubility determination
● pKa determination
● Crystal properties and polymorphism
● Particle size, shape and surface area
● Chemical stability profile
● Force degradation studies
● Surface area determination
● Characterization of drug substance
● Salt selection & Partition co-efficient
● Powder flow properties
● Excipient Incompatibility Studies
● Physical and Chemical Characterizations


Dazmed Pharmaceuticals coupled with highly skilled team can examine and troubleshoot challenging analytical requirements.

Methods are validated in compliance with current ICH guidelines. Our analytical services include:
● Method Development including complex issues
● Method validation and Transfer
● Cleaning Validation
● Method Transfer
● Testing of Raw Materials and Finish Products
● Stability Storage and Testing
● Identification of Impurities
● Assay, Dissolution and Disintegration tests
● Microbial limit testing
● Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (AET)
● Preparatory testing



The mission of the Division of Drug Delivery Technology is to provide new strategies for the delivery of biologically active compounds at the right dose, at the right time and at the right place. In order to achieve this, novel drug delivery systems are designed and the interactions of these delivery systems with biological systems are investigated at the (sub) cellular, tissue and organism level, both in vitro and in vivo.

Currently the division focuses on following research themes:
● Small molecule Formulation: Solubility and Bioavailability
● Control Release Drug Delivery System
● Targeted Release System
● Solid Dispersion Development
● Particle Size Reduction Technology
● Inhaled Drug Delivery System
● Poorly Soluble Drugs
● Poorly Absorbable Drugs
● Lipid solubilizes


In Dazmed every activity from procuring of materials to final shipment of the consignment to the customers in monitored and inspected to provide the high quality products. The system and process are supervised on on-going basis to ensure the final product meets the needs and exceeds the expectation of the customers.

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